Text 15 Dec 2 notes 13 is a lucky number, they say….


13 followers; cool beans!

Thanks, guys.

Sorry I disappeared! I kind of sort of lost the font for the posts for a little bit….

(Note to self: Georgia, 26)

Anyway. Hi, guys. I’m back, and better than ever.

First three people to reblog get promoted on my home blog (ca6taloo, which is 70+ active followers) and my other House blog (feisty-badger, with 30+ active followers), along with this blog.

Reblog this in its entirety, or I will be forced to use an Unforgivable on you.

First three to reblog get a promotion. :) No need to be following!

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Text 11 Dec 5 notes 39 Honey Badgers chillin’ on my blog~

I called you Honey Badgers because you’re as sweet as honey. :)

Also, first actual text post ftw!

Thanks guys, for the follows. Sorry I disappeared for a while; I lost the font I was using on the posts. >__>

(Note to self: Georgia, 26)

So, I just wanna say thanks for everyone reblogging all of this, it makes me feel happy and a little bit more creative, I guess.

Quick promo of my other House-related blog: http://snake-liketendencies.tumblr.com/

As you can guess, it’s a Slytherin blog, which is actually my true house, according to Pottermore and all my friends and actually myself, too.

So. For this momentous occasion of 39 followers, the first five people to reblog this (in its entirety) gets a promo on this blog, my Slytherin blog, and my home blog (ca6taloo.tumblr.com), which would be exposure to over 100 active followers.

So, yeah, let’s hop to it!

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